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Our Heritage

Talunga Clinic is a family oriented clinic committed to provide a holistic medical care to the community of Mount Pleasant, Birdwood and its surrounding localities since prior 1911 . 


We are pleased to assure you that as part of our commitment to delivering the highest standards, we have been an AGPAL (Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited) accredited practice since 2000, meeting all requirements by the government. Your wellbeing and safety is our priority.

Our team of doctors, nurses, staff and Allied Health partners are dedicated professionals in providing a variety of clinical services to your whole family. A list of our services can be found under Services tab. 

Good preventive medicine is one of our key focus, as we firmly believe that preventive is better than cure. This can be achieved via comprehensive health assessments to suit each individuals' health wellbeing and needs. 

We understand that being unwell can make a doctor's visit difficult. We will strive to make your experience as smooth and caring as possible. Our friendly team often goes out of their way to assist patients who are very unwell. We have an emergency treatment room at Mount Pleasant Surgery Clinic during consulting hours.

Your support in our clinic make our story a rich heritage and we will continue to serve you and your whole family to our upmost best. 

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