payment policy

At Talunga Clinic, we strive to provide affordable and quality healthcare to all patients. While this means we bulk bill most patients, we do unfortunately have to charge a gap fee for a small percentage of our patients.  If you are in financial hardship, please discuss this with the doctor you are seeing on that day so that we can assist you. We firmly believe that our fees should not deter you from seeking our help. 


All accounts are to be paid in full at the time of consultation. Please ring to cancel your appointment if you are unable to keep it. Failure to cancel within 24 hours of your appointment will incur a $25 non attendance fee. 

bulk billed items
  • Pensioner consults

  • Children under 16 years of age

  • Follow up consults

  • Management plans (GPMP/ MHCP)

  • Health Assessments 

  • Government funded vaccinations

  • *All other consults are not expected to be bulk-billed unless at the doctor's discretion. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please speak to our practice manager regarding finance options

fee for service items
  • Spirometry

  • 24 hour ambulatory BP check

  • Select wound dressings

  • Heavy vehicle licence medical for commercial purposes

  • Work related medical check

  • Non government funded vaccinations

privacy policy

In keeping with our commitment to quality of care, our practice has developed a policy in compliance with privacy legislation to protect patient privacy. This policy states that we require your consent to collect information about you, why we need this information and what what purposes it will be used for. 


In addition, all medical records and personal information are strictly confidential. It is practice policy to maintain the security of personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorised staff  members. 

frequently asked questions

I have Medicare. Why should I pay a gap?

Medicare pays the fee for a GP consult. However, the current Medicare fee has not kept pace with inflation for many years. Furthermore, the current government has elected to keep Medicare rebates for general practice consults at its current levels until 2020. This means that costs of running a practice have and will continue go up without any increase in earnings hence the need to charge a gap to those that can afford it to make up the difference. 


Why should I have to come back for results. Can't you give them to me over the phone?

While our nurses are available to answer some questions about your results, doctors often need to communicate a larger amount of information about the results that can be done over the phone. Although this may inconvenience you, we believe this allows us to provide you a better understanding of your health. As a recognition of your inconvenience, we bulk bill all consults for discussion of results. 


I just need a script, why can't the doctor give one without seeing me?

An appointment for a script allows the doctor to assess if there are side effects associated with the medication prescribed, need for the medication to continue or even suggest alternate medications which might be more appropriate for you. It is generally regarded as best medical practice. 


Why do you keep asking me for my details at reception?

Asking for your details allow us to ensure our database is not out of date and more importantly that we are treating the right patient! It is also part of our accreditation process to ensure that we maintain the high standards you deserve. 


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